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Last post we dove head first into the beautiful pieces that make up a magazine-worthy bed. Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of putting it all together. You’ve got to put a little work into creating the perfect environment for slumber, which means a bed with tightly tucked corners and perfectly fluffed pillows. So let’s get started. Here are the pieces you need and how to put them all together:

1.    Mattress and Mattress Pad: Finding a comfortable mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep, so shop around for a mattress that meets your comfort standards before purchasing. Check out Part 1 of this series for our favorite products. We reference organic mattresses and sheets, perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Place the mattress pad over the mattress for an extra layer of protection for your mattress.

2.    Fitted Sheet: This is the sheet with elastic sewn into it that fits snuggly over your mattress pad. If you have a thicker pillowtop mattress, be sure to purchase a fitted sheet and mattress pad that is deep enough to account for this. Otherwise the edges will sneak up the sides of the mattress.

3.    Top Sheet: This is the flat sheet that is put on top of the fitted sheet. To properly fold and tuck this sheet follow the instructions below, and look to image the top right image above.

·  Lay the top sheet onto the bed with the finished side down. Lay the sheet so that it hangs down evenly on each side and at the foot of the bed as well.

· To get neatly tucked corners, we recommend folding hospital corners. To do this, first start at one corner and sweep to tuck in the hanging fabric at the foot of the bed.

· Next take the excess fabric that remains at one of the end corners, gather and pull out straight and then fold the triangular piece of fabric onto the top of the bed.

· Tuck in the fabric that remains on the side of the bed.

· Now fold under the triangular piece that was placed on top before. When you do this, there should be a line in the middle of that corner where you’ve folded over the sheet under.

· Next, fold in the other corner the same way.

· Now that the corners at the foot of the bed are finished, move to the top of the sheet near the head of the bed. Fold down the top of the sheet about 12 inches. Here the finished side of the sheet will be revealed.

· Fold in what remains untucked on the sides of the bed.

· And you’re done with the flat sheet!

4.    Duvet Cover- The duvet cover is an optimal place to add pattern or color to your bedding set. Place your comforter inside the duvet cover. To do this, flip the duvet cover inside out, reach inside the flipped duvet cover and grab the two bottom corners. Then grab the two top corners of your comforter so you are holding corners of both the comforter and duvet cover. Now, simply flip the rest of the duvet cover over your comforter so that it is right side out. Tie or zip the end of the duvet cover to close.

5.     Euro Shams- These are the large pillow coverings that fit over a 26”x26” pillow, often with flange on the edges. Euro shams sit against the headboard. The pillow sizes decrease as you move away from the headboard

6.     Standard Shams- These are a bit smaller than the Euro shams, still often with a decorative trim and sit in front of the Euro Shams.

7.     Standard Pillows- These are the pillows you actually lay your head on when sleeping. Place these in front of the shams.

8.     Throw Pillows- Throw pillows are and opportunity to incorporate beautiful details into the bed. Tassels, embroidery and color on your pillows are all fun ways to make your bed pop! How many pillows you use is up to you, but we usually like 2-3 square throw pillows with a rectangular pillow in front.

9.     Blanket - For a little extra warmth, add a soft, luxurious blanket that drapes over the side of the bed.

So that’s it! You dream bed is complete! We know this may look like a long process on paper, but try it a few times, and you’ll be able to complete these steps in only a few minutes.  Sweet dreams!


It finally feels like winter in Los Angeles! Rainy days and cold, cold nights make for the perfect opportunity to snuggle up in our beds and sink into a deep and peaceful slumber. So to help make your sleeping experience even more delightful, we're sharing some of our favorite products. We swoon over organic mattresses by OMI and sheets by Coyuchi that are cool to the touch. To add some texture, who doesn't love a little faux fur to get cuddly, a few groovy throw pillows a la Nolan Irvine and a sexy upholstered bed by Roche Bobois? Throw in a little Hermes and Scandia Down duvet and you're in for a chic and luxurious night of sleep! Up next week? Our secrets for styling!


Kids bring joy and laughter into a home....aaaand a lot of stuff. Stashing all of these stuffed animals, games, books, blankets can be difficult, especially when many options can be bulky. With our focus on chic and well edited, this week we're sharing a few of our secrets for stylish and efficient storage. Check out the images below to see the some of our favorite inspirations. And stay tuned - next week we will delve into the details and reveal a few of our go-to solutions!


What do you get when you combine a mythical jackalope, high quality products and two talented designers? Nolan Irvine! The collaborative product line between Kate Nolan and Jeremy Irvine has finally launched, and all of us at Idilluc are swooning over the new Woodlands Collection! Check out the link below to see for yourself.