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The epic tale of the perfectly styled bar cart continues. Today we are jumping into the details, deciding exactly what pieces to use for our ideal home bar. Last week we spoke about deciding on the overall aesthetic you want your cart to have. For us at Idilluc, we decided on a chic classic design with a touch of eccentricity. Think sophisticated socialite who occasionally rocks as a bassist in a punk band. The essentials like the shaker, glasses and decanter are simple and elegant, while the more decorative items deliver the intrigue: a brass skull is fantastically bizarre and a giant faux shell on the bottom shelf can act as a collector of holiday decorations, wrapped candy or act as an ice bucket. And don't forget a few coffee table books, under the shell or leaning on one side! 

Regardless of what style you decide on for your own bar, a great mix of high quality materials, simple yet engaging patterns and refined forms will help you to style a bar cart that looks absolutely incredible.