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Having roots in the capital of the movie industry, AND acknowledging the extinction of formal Living Rooms (those formal, rigid spaces that get used once or twice a year), we felt it was time for us to share our thoughts on designing your own version of a Hollywood media room, fully equipped for movie watching, tv binging and video gaming.

Below, an important list of elements to be considered:  

1)   TV or projector/screen- High tech and beautiful go hand in hand these days, you'll need a large screen on which to watch the new season of your favorite shows.

2)     Media Cabinet- If you decide not to have your AV equipment built into a closet or wall, a beautiful media cabinet is key for housing your equipment and there's no need for open front cabinets, as most equipment today is setup with bluetooth capabilities. 

3)   Big Comfy Sofa- Seating is incredibly important. You want something that you can sink into, feel completely at ease, and seats enough people for a Game of Thrones premiere, perhaps? Large, soft throw pillows in fun colors/prints are also key.

4)   Coffee Table Ottoman- A central table or ottoman is great for putting down some snacks or drinks and gives you the option of putting your feet up if you’re ready to go into full relaxation mode.

5)     Bar- So you're always stocked on snacks and drinks at your fingertips.

 6)     Art- A carefully curated collection of movie posters, lighted signs, memorabilia -  all will give the room character while showing off your impeccable taste in movies.

7)     Carpet- Important for sound quality and texture, carpet should also be light absorbing (read: not too pale) and set the tone for aesthetic, being either luxe and monochromatic or groovy with a subtle pattern.

8)     Dimmable Lighting- Very important for your movie-going experience. Dimmable cove or recessed lighting gives off an air of sophistication and creates an ambiance that will make you feel like you’re in a real theater.

9)     Color Palette- It's vital to consider light quality in this space - elements that are too light or shiny will reflect and be distracting to the eyes. We tend toward soft, neutral palettes that promote more calm environments.

Take a look at our inspirations above that include these elements. For next week’s post, we’ll give you a list of specific products we love for an incredible media room...

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