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At Idilluc, we’ve all been guilty one time or another of bailing on our workout, especially in the winter. This might be because a run in the nippy California air or fighting for a parking spot at the nearby gym doesn’t sound all that appealing. As part of our New Year's resolution, we've committed to making a gym space at home that leaves no room for excuses, and we're excited to share the essentials with you! 

For Part 1, here are the key elements to get you started:

1)   2-3 pieces of large equipment: Investing in equipment is a great way to legitimize your home gym. We recommend at least one piece of cardio equipment; such as a treadmill, spin cycle or elliptical machine.

2)   Yoga Space: This is a space meant for yoga, meditation, and stretching. It is essentially an area to clear your mind, cool down, and get ready for the rest of your day. It can be a dedicated area or simply an open space in the room where you have enough space to spread out.

3)   Set of Weights: Depending on who you are, and how serious you want to get with lifting weights, the size of the set will vary.

4)   Mirror: A mirror is essential for watching your form to make sure you are doing exercises properly and safely.

5)   Shelving/Cabinets: It’s great to have an area where you can store water/towels/etc.

6)   A Beautiful View, Sound System and/or Television: One or all of these will help you to stay motivated while you work out!

Take a closer look at our inspirations above that seamlessly and (beautifully!) incorporate the items on our list. Next week's post? The product list - our go-to items that will never let you down! 

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